The VICARIO PIER CARLO® brand was born in 1973 in Borgomanero (Novara), where the production plant is still located. Inside, thanks to the intuition and entrepreneurial skills of the founder Pier Carlo Vicario, over the years, innovative projects have come to life, which have improved the efficiency and reliability of bathroom solutions; among these, one can remember, for example, the patent for the first bathtub drain with the brass drain valve.

The constant technological research that characterizes Vicario S.r.l, puts it, today, in a prominent position in the European and world panorama (with a strong presence on the Russian and Middle Eastern market), for the production of high quality bathtub drains, including a mention for example, for its exceptional efficiency, the model with water suction from the drain plug.

Furthermore, the company’s production stands out for the drains for shower trays, for the free standing floor pillars for the taps, for the shower drain channels, for the taps under sink and for the ever-increasing series of shower rods, shower heads and shower accessories in the name of practicality, comfort and style.

The added value of the Vicario S.r.l. is the possibility of a complete customization of its solutions with design,dimensions and different finishes designed specifically for the customer thanks to the choice to design and manufacture all the products and related components within its factory.